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Our aim is to provide a suitable path to wider opportunities in education and also to provide an efficient teacher education which will enhance the individual capacity and capability. As such, we train the upcoming men and women so that they can excel in knowledge, talents, virtues and behaviour. Founded in the year 2007, by N.P.Kothai, the trust has been in the forefront of providing quality teacher education at affordable cost in the region of Karur. The trust founded out of an immense passion for contributing to the society, strives to promote the cause of education. In pursuance with the vision of the Founder-Chairman, the trust today runs two institutions, catering to the educational quest of the students. These institutions are cornerstones of affordable quality education.


To understand the central concept, tools of inquiry and structure of the discipline.
To make the students to understand how to learn and provide learning opportunities.
To use the knowledge of effective verbal, non-verbal and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration and supportive interaction in the classroom.


To develop values of education such as truthfulness, self-discipline, self reliance and dignity of labour.
To perceive his or her role as an agent of social change in the community.
To act as a liaison between the school and the community.
To help in the conservation of environmental resources and preservation of cultural heritage.
To possess warm and positive attitude towards children.
To keep abreast of the latest knowledge of the subject matter and the techniques of teaching.
To undertake action research project works.
To have a democratic and nationalistic outlook.
To develop sympathetic attitude towards the problems of the students and give proper guidance.

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